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Special K will be available Friday July 24th at 10am PST (15 units ) SOLD OUT & at 10 pm PST. (10 units). ONE LEFT. That gives our overseas fans an opportunity to grab one. Don't forget to set a reminder if you want an opportunity.


The sidekick with a sidekick, a hero and a badass! As cool as that sounds Special K is a friendly, brave and creative individual. One of her proud accomplishments was assisting with the creation of sweet solar powered gear that she calls SHIT ( Solar Heat Integrated Technology). Way more efficient than traditional methods. It’s really cool SHIT!

This is your chance to get an original handcrafted 3 inch version of Special K. Special K comes with removable SHIT. (Magnetic backpack, pouch and blade). Each piece is uniquely hand painted so there may be some subtle difference is each piece.

Signed and numbered edition of 25 original figures.

More figures coming soon, such as:
BlizzardBeast 3.5”
Rebel 2.5” with weapons pack.
Sub1 3”
& more.

This is not a toy, it’s art.

One order per household please.
All sales are final.

*This is not a preorder, however I am currently waiting on an order of Special K boxes to be delivered to my location. Ship time is roughly 1-3 weeks so please be patient and contact me with any questions regarding your order.

**Also due to COVID-19 I can make accommodations to anyone having previous issues with shipping.

Thank you,
-Frank Montano


Sold Out