Every once and a while I take on client work to keep the creativity sparking. However I currently have a waiting list that stretches out to the middle of 2020. So if you have something that you've been dying to get done or see a project that I have worked on before and don't mind the wait please contact me. Here are some ways to go get work done.

Paintings and sketches have quicker turnarounds.

Various applications such as sculpting and casting resin require more work.

Larger platforms (usually anything over 3 inches) require half as a deposit up front. This does not include shipping rate.

*Some collectors like to send a manufactured platform that they want customized. If you do not have one I could do my best to locate it. There is a small price difference in price especially if you already own something that you want worked on.

Please be patient. I honestly have many projects happening at once, a full time job and kids. So sometime life happens and work can pile up but I never sacrifice quality.

Thank you for your interest and support,